Friday, April 22, 2011

My Imaginary Sanctuary

via Ursa Major
When I was a child I imagined myself running through a field of daisies or climbing a treehouse so I can hide and be at peace with the world...I saw this post via Kate Jones' blog Ursa Major and I thought Wow, How tranquil! It almost brought me back to my childhood imagination.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Knitting, anyone?

Instead of blogging, I've been knitting lately...

With yarn from Camily, I made this winter hat which has kept me warm! Doesn't it look like a dumpling? I was trying to go for a slouchy hat and although I messed up the cast on (as you can see it's a bit big on me), I really like it!
Nadia's hat

I took the machine knitting class and with a LOT of help from the instructors, I made this:
full sweater 003
I ended up sewing the sweater using a whip stitch instead of a mattress stitch which I did on the cuffs.

Here's the sweater originally in pieces:
first_sweater 005
first_sweater 019
The orange yarn is waste yarn that we used as a foundation before using the wool yarn.

Since we use the ribber, we created a mock rib for the cuffs of the sweater. Here's a close up of the mock rib.
first_sweater 016
Machine Knitting is definitely a lot of faster than hand knitting but I admit I love the look of hand knitting and I'm more comfortable hand knitting. For me, machine knitting requires a huge learning curve.

One of my coworker is pregnant so I made these baby booties - I got this pattern from Lions Brand. They're flipped inside out, otherwise they look like flat slippers.
booties 007
booties 003

I'm still working on the moccasins from Purl Bee. The first one I made, I dropped some stitches, they are so tiny! I'm getting used to size 2 double pointed needles. I'm knit mostly with my size 10 and up needles. It's definitely requires some patience and getting used to!

I also bought some yarn for this project to make a bumpy jacket for a friend:
yarn 003
This isn't pictured but I also made an iphone cozy and currently working on a thicker scarf for my mom using Lion Brand's Pure Wool yarn.

As much as I love my knits, I really can't wait for more warmer weather!

Monday, December 27, 2010

After the holidays

For breakfast, I made some pancakes which I followed the recipe from Jamie Oliver's recipe here. I had to incorporate whatever I had in the apartment (due to the snow storm, I'm at home and work is closed today) so I grated half a golden delicious apple, added oats, ground flax seeds, wheat germ and used silk nog.
scrubbies 010
Since I'm lactose intolerance it's been quite an adventure to find non-dairy alternatives.
holiday dinner 021
Dinner from Saturday. I had two special guests over and we ate very well. It took me a few hours to cook everything and I must say Elizabeth's Cheese and Chive Baked Mashed Potatoes is delicious! I definitely recommend you try the recipe!
holiday dinner 034
This has to be one of the best vegan peanut butter cake I've ever had! N went all out to get this for dinner and it was so good! I had such a wonderful weekend and got to spend it with my family and friends.
I'll leave you with this post from Evolution You - Ghandi's Top Ten Fundamentals for Changing the World. This is such a great list with positive ways on how to live one's life.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Simple Peppermint Brown Sugar Scrub

My friend and I spend today making these simple sugar scrubs which she found the recipes from Condo Blues! They were so easy to make and the best part is all of the ingredients you can get in your kitchen! All you need is the following: Brown Sugar + Olive Oil + Crushed Peppermint candy/Candy Canes = Simple Peppermint Brown Sugar Scrub
scrubbies 028scrubbies 030
scrubbies 025scrubbies 032

We also made some sugar peppermint scrub using white sugar, crushed candy canes and olive oil.
scrubbies 041

Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby it's cold outside...

Apparently it's lightly snowing outside and I can't help but think of slipping on a sweatshirt and sweatpants, grabbing a good book to read and sipping on a cup of tea or warm apple cider.
One of the sweatshirts I have my eye on through Etsy is from Val of Neneee.
Doesn't this look cozy and it's in one of my favorite colors? All of the clothes I've bought from Neneee are always so comfortable!

From Teconlene
Have you ever had one of those days where you want to hit the undo button? I certainly do! I love how this print shows just that.

I'm currently working on these Baby Moccasins for a coworker and slowly but surely I'll get them done. I've only knitted scarves, cowl necks and hats so this is going to be a fun challenge!

I'll leave you with a panoramic view of a Thai beach from Uncornered Market. I've love to soak my toes in the sand and lay in the warm sun! Maybe next year I'll get the chance to. =)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts Swap

I signed up for the Cold Hands, Warm Hearts Swap and received my awesome package from my blog friend Camily.

It's gotten so cold here in New York City (it's currently 36 degrees now) and these pretty gloves have been keeping my hands so warm.

I haven't stopped looking at the knitting magazine trying to decide what to make first and scoping recipes out from Everyday Food!
Aren't these patterns gorgeous?
I'm making this for the holidays

I've always wanted to take a jewelry making class during undergrad. I finally took a big step forward and signed up for two continuing ed classes through FIT. I registered for a jewelry making and sweater making class. I'm so excited! =)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Anthropologie – Trim Video

Aren't these Many Mittens Garlands from Anthropologie cute?!

I didn't grow up celebrating the winter holidays with my family although we did have dinners together. This video from Anthropologie really does get me in the mood to enjoy the holidays or at least to make a peppermint hot chocolate with a candy cane! Check it out!
Anthropologie – Trim Video